Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obama’s Health Care Plan Not Beneficial to All

The new Affordable Care Act law will provide better and more affordable health coverage for all. Except, this act will not cover any immigrants or any immigrant considered a “dreamer.”  This probably means they still have to pay out of pocket and not be eligible for any health insurance.

While citizens enjoy the benefits of this new act many immigrants will continue to avoid going to the doctor or receive yearly checkups. It is a cost some cannot afford and eventually there is some reason that we all need to see the doctor. There are different diseases, infections, and even severe colds that need to be treated with antibiotics. It is not something we can get over the counter. With the Obama care the benefits of this are that 17.6 million children with conditions will no longer be denied coverage, but 11 million immigrants will be denied this coverage. This plan is taking baby steps to improve are health.  
While many citizens benefit from this plan and avoid insurances high interest rates and low cost Medicaid, immigrants will be trying to cure themselves. This could be a reason to give immigrants citizenship so they can benefit from the Obama Heath Care Plan. Granted citizenship they can benefit from the improvement of quality care and the lower cost of seeing the doctor as stated by the Administration of Health Reform. Also benefit from lower cost prescriptions. There is a saving of approximately $16,000 on prescription with this plan.
According to the American Immigration Council by including immigrants in the new health care can lower the cost. This can benefit everyone, having immigrants willing to pay for insurance increases the income on the health care system. By improving the public’s health contributes to GDP in the economy. Increasing public health makes people more willing to work.  
The only solution to this would be the legalization of immigrants which would solve this issue. This is what leaders of the immigration debate are suggesting. Currently there is a reform that can solve this problem which is the immigration amnesty.   This may be the only solution to let immigrants benefit from the Obama Health Care Plan.  By granting immigrants citizenship will give them access to a health plan. But this issue is still an ongoing debate on whether or not giving immigrants citizenship is the correct thing to do.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Speech Analysis
These are two issues in the United States which are the Obama health care plan and the battle of same sex marriage. Obama's speech on health care wants to show that this plan is beneficial and helps avoid scams done to the people. He wants to provide more stability and security for the people. He wants to persuade the audience that passing the health care bill is the correct and moral thing to do. In this speech he states what his bill will do for the people and the options they have in any situation.

The other speech is aobut the the issue on same sex marriage they compare this to black segregation whcih is what gay people are going thorugh something similiar.They talk about the peoples right and use reason to persuade theri statement. We can say that this is a similarity with Obama's speech using logic and reasoning on what is best for the people. They both show emotions as well strongly believing that their statmenets are the correct thing to do. Obama wants everyone to to have helath insurance and The View wants everyone to be treated equally regardless of their sexual preferences.

11-million Undocumented Immigrants Determination

Should we the people allow immigrants to have the privilege of becoming a citizen in the U.S.? In this current time Obama wants to grant the 11-million immigrants in the U.S. the right to live and work. This topic brings a lot of controversies and heated debates on what the correct thing to do is. There are many that oppose this and many who are pro-immigration.
Immigrants have a purpose when coming to this country this is to find a better job and make a better future for themselves and families. Back in their home countries immigrants tend to struggle from famine, poverty, and violence. They are not here to “steal American jobs as is widely believed,” but to better themselves. Should we grant them this privilege? I believe so, some say it may hurt the economy or take away current citizens job. I believe the contrary they help with jobs that some citizens do not want. This can also better our economy by increasing productivity and the labor force.
When we thought we were taking two steps forward on immigration we took one step back when the Arizona law came about in 2012. This law became unconstitutional and did not go about what Obama wanted it was on the contrary and scared immigrants. It was a scheme to get rid of thousands of immigrants in Arizona. Is this what America wants to be known as someone who is segregating and judging people based on their background. Aren’t we a diverse country that discrimination has decreased?
There are many people that are against immigrants obtaining permanent residency usually their statements are that they are taking away native born employments. Their argument may show some astonishing statistics by The New York Times showing that 1.7 million immigrants were currently hired and only 418,000 native born were hired. What we don’t know is how much they are getting paid maybe most of the jobs immigrants receive are minimum wage jobs that most native born do not want to work. The citizens can he high maintenance and only want to take certain jobs. I have no problem with someone obtaining a job as long as they work hard and are suitable for the position regardless of the status in the United States. I know I have worked hard and continue studying to receive an even better job in the future. 
Therefore, should we grant these 11-million immigrants citizenship? And how do we obtain or come about this goal? Everyone one has a say and can fight for what they deserve and want. If we see this determination in these immigrants why not grant them this desire. Every individual has their own aspirations the American dream that everyone is in search of may not be perfect, but can be better than other countries economically. We have already progressed with the state wide protests, marches, and recently the virtual marches. A statement President Obama made stating that he wants to give visas to valued workers and entrepreneurs and reunite families. We have Obama's support do we have yours?  

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Immigration Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                      February 28, 2013

Contact: Kathy Machado                           
 A New Approach to the  Immigration Reform
                            Kathy Machado

Sherman Oaks, California
                February 25, 2013

According to the U.S News and World Reports there has been organizing of a virtual march to support broad immigration reform. This on-going controversy hopes to resolve this conflict by conducting a virtual march.
The members of the high tech companies such as AOL and Mozilla are encouraging this movement. A date yet unknown, but sometime this spring we can expect these high tech leaders to bombard lawmakers’ offices all through Facebook, Twitter, and etc. In hopes to give immigrants visas and permit’s, but not just to everyone, specifically entrepreneurs or University graduates in specific fields.  

The encouragement of these high tech leaders can come as a surprise, but the purpose of their contribution is to get highly educated immigrants. They want to see new innovators just as Brad Freely a managing director stated in U.S News “Who will start the next Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Intel, or Apple? It very well might be a student visiting American from abroad looking to start their next venture.” We know that the United States want to be the first in everything and do not want to miss their opportunity. So these innovators and high tech leaders plan on taking action to better the immigration reform and get their next big innovation.

The new approach being taken is through the internet setting up organization and supports all through the web. This would include all internet users and internet services. This has been previously done to stop online piracy and hope this would be as effective on immigration reform. Some of the websites well known such as Facebook and Twitter will be bombarding lawmakers sometime this spring.          

Another approach of getting their message across is through rallies and press conferences. The most recent planned event is said to be held in UC Riverside on March 16. They will be hosting an Immigration Reform Summit as stated by the University of California, Riverside. It is said to bring in community organizers and policymakers from all over the country. This organized event is one of many being held. This will not be the first time Washington has bombarded lawmakers. There was previously a Washington coalition which demanded an immigrant reform for agriculture's.   

Immigration reforms have been going on for centuries and new issues are always occurring.  In this case we discussed a reform for intellectual immigrants. There are other reforms for agriculture, students and many others. Some issues have only partly resolved, but this will always continue to be an issue as long as new immigrants arrive to the states. It is the American dream that all immigrants hope to accomplish once settled into the United States. There will always be struggles and obstacles one faces but with confidence and determination anyone can achieve this goal. This is the purpose of these movements and press conferences to give immigrants a voice and be able to reach their goals and in this case can even help with the economy.

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